Jesus instructed us to ask for laborers to be sent out into the harvest (Matthew 9:38). Pray that God would send individuals and families to join our core team. Pray for open doors in the community, financial provision, and effective life-forming ministry to take place.

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It will take roughly $100,000 to start the first church (not including pastoral salaries). Here’s a breakdown of how that $100,000 might be spent:

  1. $38,000 - Collective worship gathering (facility, supplies, kids curriculum, etc)

  2. $40,000 - Mission (local justice projects, local outreach, marketing, giving back to church planting efforts)

  3. $15,000 - Development (training, team building)

  4. $7,000 - Administration (Office supplies, insurance, website)

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Tax-deductable support can be given through our partner, Life Christian Fellowship: 

“Life Church Planting Initiative”
607 W. Springfield Road
Springfield, PA 19064


Do you long to leave a legacy of your life? Do you desire to find new ways to be the church? Are you hungry for a deeper level of community? Come and join our team. You’ll learn how to grow as a disciple, you’ll discover your spiritual gifts, and you’ll reproduce your life in others. You’ll be part of starting a movement that will continue long after you are gone. Drop us a line on our contact page if you'd like to explore coming with us. 

Strategic Partnership (Churches)

We desire to come alongside existing churches through strategic partnership. Tim Keller called new churches the “research and development department for the body of Christ in a city.” As the new churches succeed, they inspire courage in existing congregations to innovate and take risks themselves in fulfilling their mission. The new churches are blessed by the covering, resources, and networks of established churches. New and existing churches can work together to reach the lost!

Your church can partner with us in a one-time gift and/or through regular monthly support (home missions credit available). We’d love to partner together and develop an ongoing relationship with your church. We are available to speak, lead worship, and/or share a brief window about what God is doing through local church planting efforts. 

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